Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Batik and 'Rasa Sayange' at Peak Haornas

www.jpnn.com :

JAKARTA - sense of nationalism was very strong in the top national sports day commemoration centered on the Tennis Indoor Senayan, Tuesday (13/10). At the memorial ceremony to present awards for outstanding athletes and coaches and the sports world's principals, all invitations are required wear batik. This sense of love as a symbol of domestic products.

In the event that started at around 15:00 Wib it, Menegpora Adyaksa Dault, accompanied Aburizal Bakrie, Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare and Ministry of Home Affairs Mardiyanto, giving awards for outstanding athletes and coaches. Among the Olympic gold medalist of Beijing, the couple badminton men's doubles Markis Kido and Hendra Setiawan, silver medalist of the branch weightlifters Eko Yuli Irawan and bronze medalist weightlifter Triyatno.

While one of the award-winning coach was Christian Hadinata, national badminton coach. Not only athletes and coaches who receive the award, the institution that contributed to the development of Indonesian sports won the award. Among Governor Kaltim Faroek Ishak Awang assessed contribution to the success of the implementation of the PON XVII Kaltim, last year.

Other award recipients also from private sectors such as sponsorship of sports activities. Even the print and electronic media are considered to have contributed to the development of award-winning sports too. One is the Indo Pos newspaper. "This form of our concern to provide an appreciation of those who have contributed to the development of Indonesian sport," said Adyaksa Dault in his speech.

The event is also rang the presence of artists such as the ADA Band, Duo Maya, and Tamara Blezynski, is more lively when Adyaksa Dault with Kemenegpora deputies chanted "Rasa Sayange". Malaysia claimed the song and had become one of this controversy sung alongside reciprocated by verse.

Suddenly, the participants made the memorial Haornas laugh with chanting rhymes that have a funny poem, but inspiring a sense of nationalism. Like sung verse that reads Adyaksa Dault 'so people do not forget to pray, to live a safe, Indonesia has Ambalat, we watch until the end'. (obi / JPNN)

Support to Qory Now Flowing

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BANDA ACEH-Despite criticism of Miss Indonesia 2009, Qory Sandrioriva, still coming barrage, but in two days, she was born in Jakarta had already begun to reap the support. Members of the House of Aceh, Drs T Jamaluddin Muku ask the people of Aceh to finish Qory Sandioriva polemic about the issue because it only took off the veil while representing Aceh following the electoral arena Putri Indonesia 2009.

"Who are good people who do immoral (dirty), by removing the veil. The issue he (Qory-ed) as represent jibab off Aceh in Indonesia arena Princess unnecessary tempest - big deal, "said Jamaluddin Muku to JPNN T, yesterday.

Further, personally think, in Aceh alone are still a lot of teenagers dressed in tight with the show of shame, and intimate public place, and on the vehicle. "In fact, not infrequently some of them red-handed by Wilayatul Hisbah (WH)," he said.

According to him, things like that that should get more attention than the Acehnese people constantly debated about Qory Sandioriva, who just decided to open the veil and then criticized all the time. He suggested that if there is not, submit directly to Qory. That's a better way than to talk about it.

"Do not make it as gossip material, it was a matter of her by Allah SWT. If objected to the decision, conveyed directly to the Qory, "he advised. When delivered, if a number of officials in Aceh said that he recommended the 1st semester student French literature, University of Indonesia (UI), Jamaluddin said firmly, not required to follow the recommendation of the arena.

While Fahruddin, citizens of Banda Aceh Ulee Kareng, supports Qori victory as the daughter of Indonesia 2009. He thought it was an achievement for Aceh. Only, he hoped Qori can keep the current name of the Islamic Shari'a is applied.

Rahmah was, residents of Banda Aceh, if Qori want to bring a foyer area of this Mecca, he should be able to respect the culture of women in Aceh, rather than just destroying it. He admitted, Acehnese women are not identical with the hijab, but Aceh is identical with Islam. It should be, and look Qory act like an Islamic Acehnese women.

"She was born in Jakarta, only his mother, people in Central Aceh, in the genealogy he is not the people of Aceh, with performances like that he does not deserve to represent Aceh," said Rahmah, one of the students in Banda Aceh, yesterday.

Meanwhile, the Head of Legal and Public Relations Bureau of the Government of Aceh, Hamid Zain Qory not mention if the identity cards (KTP) Aceh. Zain Hamid emphatically declared, not knowing whether it was true Sandrioriva Qori family has received permission from the government of Aceh Aceh to represent the electoral arena is the daughter of Indonesia.

"We are still checking whether it's true or not, I can not answer now, I'll find out first," he said. Zain Hamid said, Qori Sandrioriva was not recorded and have identity cards (KTP) Aceh. He also questioned which agency was given permission to Qori to advance as the daughter of Indonesia representing Aceh.

Balinese Hindus Celebrate Galungan

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DENPASAR - MI: Hindus in Bali, starting on Wednesday (14/10) morning flock to the temple to perform ritual prayers Galungan.

One of the places filled with thousands of Hindus is Jagatnata Temple located in the east field Puputan Badung, Denpasar City. Hindus visit the biggest temple in Denpasar was in waves.

Those who come from the City of Denpasar and Badung regency seemed to bring banten or offerings that brought in over his head. Offerings were placed in a container made of woven palm leaves.

Besides the Jagatnata, many Hindus also visit some other temples, such as in Jl A Yani, Jalan Hayam Wuruk, Jl Gatot Subroto and pretend that there is little in the township residents. They also held prayers at their respective homes before coming throng temples. "We had to pray before the Mrajan at home. After that, new to the Temple Jagatnata with family," said Nyoman Supardika, a citizen Denpasar.

Galungan in Bali is divided in three days, ie, the first Penampahan Galungan, the second day of the current Galungan on October 14 to coincide and the third day is called Sweet Galungan. In Penampahan Galungan, people usually prepare themselves for ritual purposes, between the slaughter pigs. They slaughtered a pig in a joint venture in banjar or their respective villages.

The second day is when they perform the ritual at the temple and in places of worship in their own homes. While the third day is Sweet Galungan which was the day relaxing, visiting each family and to recreation.

Since the first day of Galungan, a number of shops in Denpasar were deserted and government offices fluctuating holiday for three days. While the ritual Galungan, a number of shops in Jalan Gajah Mada Hayam Wuruk, A Yani, Gatot Subroto and other much closed.

Galungan this time taking place in a sunny atmosphere and the sun was blazing. Current atmosphere of Bali met with many people who use traditional clothes. The women wear a cloth and kebaya, while the men wore Udeng (headband) and sarong. (Ant/OL-06)

Problem hijab, Vice Chairman of the Assembly Bela Qory

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JAKARTA - Indonesia polemics surrounding the 2009 original Princess of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD), which Qory Sandrioriva not wearing the hijab at the time of election contest Putri Indonesia (PPI), continues. There are pros and cons that continue to surface on his decision menggerai long black hair held in the event Miss Indonesia Foundation (YPI) is.

Vice Chairman of the Assembly who are also members of the Regional Representatives Council (DPD) from Aceh, Ahmad Farhan Hamid, requested that the issue was not dragged into the region-fiber aqidah. "Do not be honed to about aqidah, but viewed with much simpler. As a teenager would want to be able Qory popularity as voted Miss Indonesia, and he asked for permission not to use the hijab, "said Farhan told JPNN, Tuesday (13/10).

Farhan admitted being informed by people close Qory, that in fact she was born in Jakarta August 17, 1991 that the daily did wear Hijab. However, once again asking for no more Farhan was being debated issue. Farhan called the girl's family last week to get this crown is a devout family.

Furthermore, a former member of the House of Representatives of the PAN was explained, the use of hijab among women in some places there are differences of opinion. Farhan mendcontohkan, he never met the woman of Libyan diplomats and Iranian in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, who was not wearing a headscarf. Whereas these two diplomats from Islamic countries. Therefore, the use of hijab is that correspond to the aqidah, some are due to cultural factors and habits.

"But generally Muslim women wearing the veil, and among women was not wearing a head scarf but the width of cloth to cover his head," explained the man who had been listed as faculty at Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah) Aceh. (viv / JPNN)

Garuda Fly to Europe Again

www.poskota.co.id :

GAMBIR (Pos Kota) - Garuda Indonesian Airlines will start flying to Europe beginning in June 2010 following the opening of the ban flying back from the European Union (EU) since almost a year ago.

On the sidelines of the visit of Miss Universe, Stefania Fernandez, Garuda's office, yesterday afternoon, the Head of Garuda Indonesia corporate communications, Pujobroto, said the flights to Europe will be done every day, especially the route from Jakarta to Amsterdam leaving at .21:00 using aircraft arrived at GA88 .02:09 LT.

During his visit was accompanied by Lady Miss Universe Indonesia Sandioriva Qori specially invited by the President Director of Garuda Emirsyah Satar. "They invited us in order to promote Indonesian culture in Europe," said CEO Emirsyah Satar.